NVVA School

Northland Vietnam Veterans' Sponsored School In Vietnam

In 2002, NVVA gave $4,500 to "East Meets West-International Relief Services in Vietnam" to build a school in Vietnam. The money was given in response to an appeal by Mayor Gary Doty on behalf of the Minnesota League of Cities. As you can see by the pictures, the school was built and is currently in use. Tim Dieffenbacher, one of our members, just returned from Vietnam. He visited the school and met with some of the parents and children in the community. He took some video footage of the school and the surrounding area. Now that tim is back, several NVVA members are going to meet with representatives of the Duluth School District to pursue additional fund raising thru the Duluth Schools. Our goal is to build at least one additional school in Vietnam with the money raised. This fund raising effort has the potential of creating an ongoing relationship between NVVA, students of the Duluth school system and the communities in Vietnam served by the schools we build. If you are interested in helping out call Fletcher Hinds at 218-724-0917